"We must live in the manner our grandmothers and grandfathers lived. They were people who were thoughtful about the coming generations. They were responsible in the way they lived so that the coming generations - we who are living today - would have a good life... We are living today only because the generations before us - our ancestors - provided for us by the manner of their responsible living."

~Simon J Ortiz, Speaking for Generations: Native Writers on Writing

As the seventh generation that my ancestors lived for, myself and number of other people are trying to live in a manner that is responsible for our next seven generations - may they carry this work as apart of their foundation to reclaiming and reimagining this Turtle Island. 

My Scholarship 

The purpose of my work is to challenge the narrative around the neutrality of higher education through a social historical lens. Through an interdisciplinary approach, infusing Indigenous studies, sociology and education, my scholarship focuses on exploring and interrogating institutional policies, practices, and structures with a Native lens to understand and bring about transformative change establishing a more equitable and accessible higher education institution.

 A scholar-practitioner with a heavy lens oriented toward access, I have experience in various areas in education, in particular pre-college programming, multicultural affairs, admissions, academic advising, and diversity programming.  With my experience as a practitioner and now as an emergence as a researcher, I am able to help to serve as a translator between practitioners and researchers, having the ability to boundary cross from researcher to practitioner and from practitioner to researcher. In order to be able to be an effective translator, I want my research to be to be accessible to multiple communities, working to create community-based research that offers new perspectives on how to bring about transformative change.

Dissertation: Modern Day Boarding Schools - Universities as Sites of Colonization

Book Chapters

Learning to Change Campus Climate: Insights from an Action Research Study - Leonard Taylor, Sasanehsaeh Pyawasay, LaTecia Yarbrough, Ricky Urgo, & Jenna Hensley in Evaluating Campus Climate at US Research Universities (2018) 

Find me out in the Community...

Humans of Minneapolis 

"Since 2010, photographer Stephanie Glaros has been stopping people on the sidewalks of Minneapolis to capture their portraits and fascinating stories. Humans of Minneapolis is a curated collection of the best photos and interviews from Glaros's popular blog. In it, we hear surprising and moving accounts of joy, loss, transformation, and community. A project that bridges social divides, Humans of Minneapolis sets aside our differences and creates positive reverberations throughout the city."


In Their Own Words: Women’s History Month Spotlight 

"March is Women’s History Month. The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) asked students, faculty and staff around campus to talk about the importance of this month, in their own words, through the lenses of their identities and experiences."


Minnesota Public Radio, Friday Roundtable: The relationship between police and communities of color - Roundtable Panelist 

"A round table discussion regarding the overnight police shooting in Falcon Heights and a closer look at the relationship between police officers and communities of color with reporter Brandt Williams, Maria Mitchell, public defender, Ken Thompson of Civic Eagle, and Sasanehsaeh Pyawasay of the University of Minnesota. 7/8/16"